Mannaz (maw-nawz) is the fourth rune of the third aett, and the twentieth rune overall. It represents the evolution of mankind, or of individuals. There a sense of conscious movement, and this is sometimes called the “spiritual relationship rune.”

Mannaz reminds us of cooperation between two people, or a collaboration for the greater good. It resembles a double Wunjo, creating perfection and harmony. We are co-creators in our divinity.

In some tales, there was a god named Mannaz, who slept between three couples. Each bore his son, and each son represented a different state of consciousness.

Mannaz represents progeny, class systems, and branches of conscious thought.


Ehwaz (aye-woz) is the third rune of the third aett, and the nineteenth rune overall. The word literally means “horse,” and it represents the domestication of animals, specifically horses.

This is the relationship rune, and it represents a partnership. It asks how we adapt to a situation. What is your vehicle, what is supporting you?

Ehwaz resembles two Laguz runes facing each other.