Health and Fitness Tarot

Today I’m starting a nutrition challenge through my gym, so I thought I would do a tarot spread to examine and clarify what I need to focus on during the four weeks of the challenge.

I looked around for some health and fitness spreads but didn’t find much that was close to what I was looking for, until I found A Tarot Spread for Achieving Weight Loss by This Aquarian Life. Even though I’m not specifically focused on weight loss (I’m looking to clean up my nutrition habits, increase my energy, and be more consistent in the gym), the spread is just right for the challenge.

The spread is shaped like an upward pointing arrow, and laid from shaft to tip.

Card 1 – Current Situation and Basis/Foundation

Ten of Pentacles. This card represents wealth and long-term success. Financial stability. Since this isn’t a financial challenge, I’m reading this as a reference to my past relationship with nutrition. I tracked macros for a long time, and I lost fifty pounds. Unfortunately, I’ve gained sixty pounds since then! But I know I should be confident in this challenge because I’ve done this before. I know I have past success as a foundation.

Card 2 – Mental Blocks to Overcome

Nine of Pentacles. This card represents abundance and luxury. It’s enjoying the bounty of your work. I think that this card speaks to the last one because even though I know I should be confident… I’m scared to start this challenge and fail. A voice in the back of my head asks if I have the strength in me to build a body that I’ll feel at home in. I need to tell that voice to fuck right off.

Card 3 – Emotional Blocks to Overcome

Eight of Pentacles. So strange for a run of Pentacles to come out of a well-shuffled deck like this. It’s a message, for sure! This card represents putting in the work, and slowly mastering the tasks at hand. I know that it’s a long process… but I want to skip to the end now! I feel like because I’ve been through this process before, it should be quick and easy. But it won’t be. It’s going to take just as long to do it this time as it did before, and just as long as it did to undo it. Everything takes time. Embrace the journey. Learn to love the struggle.

Card 4 – Physical Blocks to Overcome

Three of Wands. This card represents progress and expansion. After some success, you look to expand. It’s a bit ironic since I’m looking to shrink a bit… but I think there’s a deeper message about becoming consistent. I think this one is about fitness and getting active. I used to go to the gym six times a week, sometimes even twice a day. I may not need to do that right off the bat here since I’ve been struggling to go once or twice a week for the past year… but I very much want to get into the gym more and improve my athletic performance. Even if it hurts a lot in the beginning!

Card 5 – Current Attitude

Justice. This card represents truth and law. I think this refers to the fact that I’m entering this challenge with the idea that I should do everything exactly right. Target macros to the number. No deviation. No flexibility. The letter of the law.

Card 6 – Recommended Attitude to Adopt

Queen of Swords. This card represents independent judgement and clear communication. It’s very similar to Justice, but with an element of flexibility and “thinking for yourself” that tempers the message. Be honest, communicate, think for yourself, but don’t be afraid to take input and help from others.

Card 7 – Allies

Queen of Pentacles. My friends the Pentacles are back! The queen represents a nurturing provider. Honestly, in this context she’s like the Goddess of Meal Prep. I will absolutely be praying at her feet for the next twenty-eight days!


Waxing Gibbous

The waxing gibbous is when the moon is between half-lit at the first quarter, and fully lit at the full moon.

This is traditionally when I do the Consider the Details spread from the Luminous Spirit Tarot app.

Reading after Litha, for the intention FLOURISH

The cards are read from the center, then top to bottom and left to right, and the cards pulled represent:

  1. The Problem. What blocks you from the completion of your intention? What is there left to solve?
  2. What You Expected. What did you initially think would be the outcome of undertaking your intention?
  3. What You Got. How is your quest actually coming along? What is the current status of your manifestation?
  4. Your Weakness. What aspect of yourself makes it the most difficult for you to overcome the current status quo?
  5. Your Strength. What aspect of yourself gives you the strength to overcome the current status quo and complete your intention?

Last Quarter

The Last Quarter occurs after the Waning Gibbous. The moon is getting darker, and from here it approaches the Waning Crescent before the New Moon.

This is when I do the Release and Let Go spread, from the Luminous Spirit Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy, as a part of my Moon Cycle Tarot.

June reading before Litha, for the intention INTUITION

From top to bottom, and left to right, the cards pulled represent:

  1. Acceptance. What must I accept to move forward and progress along my intention?
  2. Guidance. Where and from whom can you find the most support and guidance along your path?
  3. Forgiveness. What grudges have I been holding against myself or others that I must forgive?
  4. Lesson. What lesson must I learn? What else must I learn to manifest my intention?

Waning Gibbous

The Waning Gibbous Moon occurs after the Full Moon. Waning means the moon’s illumination is getting smaller. Gibbous refers to the shape, which is smaller than full, but larger than the quarter moon.

This is when I do the Reflect and Introspect spread, from the Luminous Spirit Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy, as a part of my Moon Cycle Tarot.

May reading after Beltane, for the intention “GROWTH”

From top to bottom, and left to right, the cards pulled represent:

  1. Full Potential. What are the qualities of the best self that you can be? What is your highest potential?
  2. Fears. What are your greatest fears? How do they affect you from reaching your intention?
  3. Hidden Self. What do I hide from the world? What secrets do I have that bring me shame?
  4. Deception. What lies do I tell myself the most? What am I in denial about?
  5. Regret. What actions do I wish I could take back? What haunts me?
  6. Rejected Self. What parts of my identity do I choose to reject? Why can’t I accept them?