Flower Moon (May)

The full moon in May is the Flower Moon, so named because the world is in bloom.

Full moons in May can also be called:

  • Corn Planting Moon
  • Milk Moon
  • Hare Moon

Altar and spellwork on May 29, 2018 for the Full Flower Moon

Full Moon

The full moon is when the moon is bright, and fully illuminated.

The names of the monthly moons are:

  • Wolf Moon (January)
  • Snow Moon (February)
  • Worm Moon (March)
  • Pink Moon (April)
  • Flower Moon (May)
  • Strawberry Moon (June)
  • Buck Moon (July)
  • Sturgeon Moon (August)
  • Corn Moon (September)
  • Hunter’s Moon (October)
  • Beaver Moon (November)
  • Cold Moon (December)

The second full moon in a month is called a Blue Moon.

The time to do a Celebrate Joy spread during a Moon Cycle Tarot.