Odin: Meeting the Norse Allfather by Morgan Daimler


This is a very easily accessible introduction to the Norse god Odin. I enjoyed how Daimler included both literary sources and her own experiences working with the god. The northern mysteries are very personal and shamanic, so I like to read how people work with dream work and altered consciousness to develop a new relationship with ancient gods and goddesses.


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


I’ve loved Neil Gaiman’s writing style since I first read Sandman as a teenager. I even have a quote from his Loki on my arm. So how surprising could it be, that I’d really enjoy his take on the Norse myths? Gaiman does a great job turning the stories we know from the Edda and other sources, and turning them into easily readable, enjoyable short stories. His conversational tone is that of a natural storyteller, and he turns his voice to good work here.