Sprëhhan 10

Faith1 is participation. Faith constructs and creates experience. Like from the mold cheese is taken. Thoughts, our experiences create, but are also influential. Who can hold the image of the higher world will reach it. He whose logic deconstructs2 experience lives only in his head. Sweet the sleep of the one who tires in striving to Know. Sweet the touch of woman’s roundness to man, and sweet the hard shoulder of man to woman, but the touch is a moment – no place of full happiness is in this Wald3.

My Interpretations

To experience the world, we must use our senses. Our perception creates our experience, but we can’t limit ourselves to our senses. We seek higher knowledge.

Notes on Sprëhhan 10

  1. Wright notes that “faith” is Middle English and means “duty of fulfilling one’s trust; truth, confidence, pledge, truthfulness.” It is rooted in Proto Indo European *bheidh- “to trust.”
  2. Write cites Hávamál 23: “The un-wise man conceited stays awake all night and thinks himself wise on anything whatever. Then exhausted when morning comes, all that was wretched still is.”
  3. “Wald” is Old High German and means “a forest,” but also implies “world.”