Perthro (perth-row) is the sixth rune of the second aett, and the fourteenth overall. It represents a deep well of black water, the essence of the void. It can resemble a womb, or a woman crouching in the birthing position.

It embodies the power of the Norns, and is associated with secrecy and silence. It is the Well of Urd and the Well of Mimir.

In divination, it can represent something that is coming, waiting to be birthed by the goddess. It can also mean that you are not meant to know the answer at this time.

It is related to Berkana, and it looks as if those doors are swung open.

Personal Insights

When I meditated on this rune, there was absolute darkness. I traveled down into it and in the distance, I could eventually make out a doorway. There were torches on either side, and the doors opened… but I couldn’t see what was inside.

To me, this rune also appears like an Isa with two Kenaz at the ends … and two Kenaz make Jera. The shape of Laguz is also apparent, and underscores my viewing of it as something peering into the water if Perthro is related to a well.